October 6, 2018

2019 Pumpkin Tournament

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OC Fall Ball

2019 Select Pumpkin Tournament Rules

Hosted by Irvine Girls Softball Association and Laguna Niguel Girls Softball

  1. LNGS Fields
    IGSA Fields
    8U & 10 U
    12U & 14 U











  • Check-in will be one hour prior to your first game.
    • Rosters 
      • Rosters should have been uploaded to the OC Fall Ball Roster Google Drive prior to the October 1 deadline with any age/play up/play down exceptions noted. ii. Bring a completed roster provided by the tournament hosts for comparison against the roster on file.
    • II. Identification
      • i. 2019 picture USA softball card (prior years are not acceptable); OR
      • ii. Copy of birth certificate, player photo and 2019 non-photo USA player card; OR
      • iii. Copy of birth certificate, player photo and copy of receipt/invoice for 2019 USA player card, which has not yet arrived, to verify registration with USA Softball.
    • III. Insurance
      • All league insurance documents must be uploaded to the OC Fall Ball Dropbox drive. An additional paper copy of the insurance is not required.

B. Rosters will be limited to fifteen (15) players. No player may be added after the start of the first game.

  1. I. The OC Fall Ball Federation must approve all rostered players to participate on their respective select team.
  2. II. Select Players must have played in at least 50% of the OC Fall Ball Select games prior to the start of the tournament (have available your scorebook/Game Changer from the season for verification if necessary).
  3. III. In the event a team needs to add rec players to their roster for the sole purpose of meeting playing minimums, any select team may add rec players to a maximum roster size of ten (10). Once a roster is set prior to the tournament with the ten (10) player maximum, it cannot change for the balance of the tournament. This exception is only to allow teams to field a sufficient roster and to allow maximum participation. Rec players still need to have been registered through their respective league (with proof of rec registration), have been on a rec roster prior to the Oct. 1 deadline and have participated in 50% of rec games.

C. Fielding an ineligible player will result in forfeiture of games played and possible  disqualification from the tournament with loss of registration fee.

D. Packets will be distributed at check-in, which will include Player of the Game Medals for each Pool Play game and any other pertinent information.


  • A. There are no protests allowed in this tournament.
  • B. Sportsmanship
    • I. Team managers are responsible for, and must have control of, their players, coaches, and team followers at all times. Umpires have the responsibility and authority to eject any team personnel or spectator for unsportsmanlike conduct (including off the field).
    • II. An ejected coach, player or team follower will be ineligible to participate in and/or spectate for the remainder of that game. Once ejected, eligibility to return to the next game will be determined following a review of the circumstances by the Tournament Director or an appropriate delegate, which may also include the UIC.
    • III. Any individual ejected from a game must leave the grounds immediately.
      • Leaving the grounds is defined as:
        • i. Of sight and sound (the umpire should not see or hear the ejected person).
        • ii. Penalty for not leaving immediately: forfeit.
  • C. The team listed first in Pool Play or on the top of the Elimination Bracket shall occupy the third base dugout. Teams playing back-to-back games on the same field may stay in the same dugout.
  • D. Home team will be determined by a coin toss at the plate meeting prior to every game.
  • E. Players showing up late for a game must be in the starting lineup at the time of the coaches meeting prior to the game.
    • I. If the late arriving player’s spot in the order comes up prior to them showing up, an out will be recorded.
    • II. If the player is not in the starting lineup, they cannot be added during the game.
    • III. Please communicate with the umpire and with the opposing coach, prior to the game, if any player is in the lineup but has not yet arrived.
  • F. Any team not ready to play at the scheduled game time shall lose by forfeit (score recorded as 7-0). Exception: Teams playing back-to-back games at different field locations will be afforded a reasonable grace period to get to the next field.
  • G. Each team is responsible for providing their own scorekeeper and scorebook (Game Changer is acceptable) as well as delivering a completed lineup card to the opposing team. The home team is the official scorekeeper.
  • H. Game balls will be provided. Bases are 60 feet for all divisions.
  • I. Metal cleats are allowed in 14U only.
  • J. JEWELRY: No jewelry of any kind is permitted in accordance with USA Softball rules.
  • K. No artificial noisemakers allowed.
  • L. Each team is responsible for cleaning their dugout after each game.
  • M. The Cities of Irvine and Laguna Niguel both prohibit BBQ’s at all fields or in parking lots.
  • N. No personal (open air) music devices played on any fields in either city.
  • O. Smoking and/or Vaping are not permitted near any fields in either city.
  • P. Alcoholic beverages in any form are prohibited at all fields and in parking lots.
  • Q. Please DO NOT keep valuables in your car.
  • R. Playing Rules: USA Softball rules are in effect except where amended below.


  • A. Pool Play Games, Elimination Games, and Semi-Final Games 
    • I. No new inning after 1hr 20minutes, finish the inning.
    • II. Should the home team lead at any point after the conclusion of the top half of the inning and after the expiration time, the game will be deemed final.
    • III. For Pool Play games, in the bottom half of the inning, the game shall end after the completion of an at-bat (finish the batter) should the time expiration occur during an at-bat while the home-team is leading. All subsequent runs will count (up to inning run limit).
    • IV. If time has not expired, 8U & 10U will play a maximum of 6 innings. 12U & 14U will play a maximum of 7 innings.
  • B. Championship Games 
    • I. 14U, 12U, 10U = 6 Innings. 8U = 1:30 No New Inning or 6 Innings, whichever occurs first.
    • II. Game suspension
      • i. Suspended games will be continued where they left off when the decision is made to continue tournament game play.
    • III. Game Cancelation
      • i. At the time of cancelation, if the game has completed at least 4 innings, the score at the completion of the last inning shall stand and the champion declared.
      • ii. If the game is canceled prior to the completion of the 4th inning, the result of the game will be determined by each team’s Pool Play results and the champion declared.
      • iii. The tie breaker sequence will be: HEAD to HEAD, POINTS, RUNS ALLOWED, RUNS SCORED.
      • iv. If a champion cannot be determined by previous tie breakers, both teams will be declared CO-CHAMPIONS and a coin toss will determine which team receives the 1st and 2nd place trophies.
  • C. 3-Team and 5-Team Pools
    • I. Pool play games may end in a tie.
    • II. Pool Play Seeding/Tie Breakers
      • i. Teams will be awarded points based on game outcomes:
        • 1. 2 Points = Win
        • 2. 1 Point = Tie
        • 3. 0 Points = Loss
      • ii. The following tie breaker sequence will determine seeding when teams are tied on points at the conclusion of Pool Play:
        • 1. Head-to-Head
        • 2. Fewest Runs Allowed
        • 3. Most Runs Scored
        • 4. Coin Toss
          • a. The coin toss shall be overseen by the Tournament Director, the Tournament UIC or an Executive Board Member at the field. The team listed lower on the Pool Play sheet will “call” the toss. The winner of the coin toss may not choose; they will be the higher seed by virtue of winning the coin toss.
        • 5. By “Lot”
          • Should 3 or more teams tie, and seeding cannot be determined by previous tie breakers, the final tie breaker will be by “lot”. Selection will go in the reverse order of how the teams are listed on the Pool Play sheet. Each team’s seed will be determined by the corresponding number selected.
  • D. 4-Team Pools
    • I. The first game will be to determine who advances to the winner vs winner game. The second game will NOT be to determine seeding.
    • II. Pool play games may end in a tie.
      • i. Game 1: In the event of a tie in the first game of a 4-team pool, the umpire or tournament site director will toss a coin with both coaches present. The designated visiting team for that game will “call” the toss. This coin toss is only to determine the matchup for the second Pool Play game. The score will be posted as a tie on both team’s pool play results. ii.
      • ii. Game 2: In the event of a tie in the second game of a 4-team pool, the game will be deemed final and posted as such.
    • III. Seeding
      • i. Seeding will be determined by the points system and the tie breaker sequence outlined above at the conclusion of Pool Play.
  • E. Elimination games must have a winner. USA Softball Tie Breaker Rules (ITB) will decide the winner if necessary.
  • F. Run Ahead Rule will be in effect for all tournament games (including Championship games): 12 after 3, 10 after 4, 8 after 5
  • G. Run limits 
    • I. 8U = 4 runs per inning. 10U, 12U, 14U = 5 runs per inning.
  • H. Batting Order: For ALL Games in ALL Divisions, batting will be round robin. No DP/Flex.
  • I. Courtesy runners are allowed for the pitcher and catcher of record. The last out shall be used.
  • J. No attempts to distract the pitcher or catcher will be allowed. No cheers that include screaming out or making sudden noises as the opposing pitcher is about to release the pitch; this is considered bad sportsmanship. The umpire can call a strike on the batter should attempts to distract continue following a warning.
  • K. Teams must field at least 8 Players to play. If less than 8 players are available, either prior to or during the game, the game will be forfeited, and the score will revert to 7-0 score in pool play standings and result in a loss in elimination play with the other team advancing.

4. 8U Specific Rules

  • A. Teams will field 10 defensive players. Outfielders must stay on the grass outfield until the ball crosses home plate. Infielders must stay at least 25 feet from home plate until the ball crosses home plate.
  • B. No dropped 3rd strike. No Infield Fly rule.
  • C. Stealing (including passed balls/wild pitches): One base per pitch. A runner can be put out if she attempts to steal past one base. Should the runner reach the second stolen base safely, play stops and the runner will be returned back to the prior base. Home is closed for stealing (including passed balls/wild pitches), but a runner can be awarded home by the umpire. A walked batter may not proceed beyond first base on the same pitch that they were walked on. A play at another base does not release a runner to steal more than one base per pitch.
  • D. Batted Ball in Play/Overthrow: Unlimited Base Advancement (including Home). For any overthrow (including first base) on a batted ball, runners may try to advance as many bases as they wish (including Home), as long as the ball remains in-play.
  • E. Substitutions: Free substitution of all players for all positions while on defense, excluding the pitcher (pitchers can only re-enter once back into the pitcher position).

Be sure to check the tournament websites throughout the tournament for updated results https://igsateams.org/ https://www.lagunaniguelgirlssoftball.org/


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