Below are training videos coaches, players, and parents can review and enjoy.

These videos were developed to educate our IGSA families, improve level of play of our athletes, and bring even greater consistency to our organization’s coaches so our athletes are best prepared as they advance through each division within IGSA.

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Coaching: The IGSA Way


Throwing: Form and Follow-Thru 3:36

Basic Fielding 1:18

Basic Hitting 4:12

The Batter’s Box and the Tee 6:25

Base Running 2:18


Throwing Drills 4:51

Infield Drills 1:22

Outfield Drills 1:32

Base Running 0:48

Batting Tee Work 2:51

Outfield Relay Drill 0:34


6U Practice and Line-up Plan

8U Practice and Line-up Plan

6U Hitting Tee Position

6U Base Running: Which Way do I run?

Base Running Path (from Base Running video)

What Just Happened? (Commonly asked questions)