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IGSA Clinics General Info:

IGSA Clinics are open to all IGSA players who are currently registered and in good standing.
The purpose of the IGSA Clinics is to provide our girls the opportunity to further develop skills in:
– Pitching – for all age groups and skill levels
– Beginner pitching lessons for 6u’s who want to be pitchers
– Hitting – lessons for the beginner to the advanced
– Slap Hitting
– Specialty Bunting
– Fielding
– Catchers Skills
– Each Clinic lesson is 30 minutes
– Participants may enroll in multiple lessons per session
– Make payments to “Concordia Softball Camps” prior to start of session
– Payment can be made for multiple lessons and sessions at once
– Please review, sign, and bring the Clinic Guidelines to your first Clinic session.